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What is it to be a Drama Student at BCHS?

To be a Drama Student at BCHS, you will be given support to develop transferable skills of team work, problem solving, compromise, communication, confidence, presentation skills and focus.

Drama encourages learners to take risks and challenge themselves to experience situations from any person or characters viewpoint. It also helps develop creative minds and encourage learners to harness their imagination to create original pieces of Drama.

Subject Overview - Year 7-11

Year 7 -8

Every student to work collaboratively, to take risks in vocal and physical work and increase confidence in performance. For students to be able to devise from any given stimulus and to have a sound understanding of how to shape and structure a piece of drama. To learn to be a supportive audience member and to give/receive constructive criticism to improve work and make progress.

To have a basic knowledge of technical theatre practices and also consider other aspects of bringing a performance to life. Topics covered include units that focus on specific Drama skills, Historical drama, Role Play and Improvisation, Shakespeare, Working from script and devising original pieces of Drama.

Year 9 - 11

Every student to apply knowledge and understanding when making, performing and responding to drama

This will be achieved by exploring performance texts, understanding their social, cultural and historical context, including the theatrical conventions of the period in which they were created. To develop a range of theatrical skills and apply them to create performances. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively to generate, develop and communicate ideas. They will reflect on and evaluate their own work and that of others and develop an awareness and understanding of the roles and processes undertaken in contemporary professional theatre practice.



Drama Club, Comedy Club, School Shows, Theatre Trips, Workshops, Glee Club, GCSE Practical support rehearsals.

How do we contribute to PHSEE, British Values and SMSC?

Students are encouraged to explore their own feelings, beliefs and ideas to find meaning and develop Drama work based on a wide variety of subject matters and stimuli. As part of the curriculum students at both key stages are regularly given the opportunity and the motivation to investigate and offer reasons about moral and ethical issues. Throughout both key stages students will further be encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions, by learning what is right and wrong through effective communication, cooperation and sensitivity.

What careers does Drama support?

Actor, Director, Singer, Dancer, Lighting designer/technician, Sound Designer/ Technician, Costume Designer, Community Arts Worker, Drama Therapist, Lawyer, Politician, Arts Administrator, Youth Worker, Teaching, Theatre Education Officer, Public Relations, Sales positions.

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