Students are taught examined courses for Key Stage 4 and 5 in almost all subjects. Information about each of the courses taught can be accessed on each subject's page.

All courses taught are under constant review based on changes made by the various exam boards, the success achieved by our students and advice given by external experts in each subject area. The aim is to ensure that our students achieve the highest possible success in each subject area by delivering the most appropriate syllabus for BCHS students.

At the bottom of each subject's page there are email links to the relevant Lead Teacher and Director of Learning who manages the subject within their area of learning. Questions about syllabus delivery and choices are always best directed to the teachers who are responsible on a day to basis for each subject. However questions can also be directed to the headteacher regarding syllabus matters of a more general sense.


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Replacement Certificates

Exam Boards

GCSE 20/21


Art - AQA

Biology - AQA

Business - Edexcel

Chemistry - AQA

Combined Science - AQA

Computer Science - OCR

Design and Technology - AQA

Drama - Edexcel

Economics - OCR

English Language - AQA

English Literature - AQA

Film Studies - Eduqas

Food Prep and Nutrition - Eduqas

French - AQA

Geography - Edexcel

History - Edexcel

Maths - Edexcel

Music - OCR

Physics - AQA

Psychology - AQA

Physical Education - AQA

Religious Studies - AQA

Sociology - AQA

Spanish - AQA


A Level 20/21


Accounting - AQA

Art - Edexcel

Biology - AQA

Business - Edexcel 

Chemistry - OCR

Computer Science - OCR

Design and Technology - AQA

Economics - AQA

English Language and Literature - AQA

English Literature - AQA


Film Studies - Eduqas

Further Maths - Edexcel

Geography - OCR

History - AQA

Law - AQA

Maths - Edexcel

Physical Education - AQA

Physics - OCR

Politics - Edexcel

Psychology - AQA

Religious Studies - OCR

Sociology - OCR


Criminology (Applied Level 3) - Eduqas


BTEC 20/21 ( all Edexcel)





Health and Social Care



Travel and Tourism


JCQ Requirements

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