Transition 2021

School Tours with Mrs Bush & Miss Ryan (Headteacher)

We are allowing a limited number of school tours throughout the Summer Term. To book a tour please contact Miss Stevenson via email at 


West Ham Lower School Academy Trials (Year 5 & 6 students) 

Girls - Tuesday 20th April  

(Session will run from 3.45pm til 4.30pm)

Boys - Thursday 22nd April or Tuesday 27th April

(Both sessions will run from 4pm til 5pm)

To register your child's interest in joining the lower school Academy programme please complete the document in the link below:

Please Click Here to view document

Virtual Subject Based Workshops 

SCIENCE – W/C 28th MARCH – Fun science experiments: DIY Lava Lamp; Baking Soda Volcanoes; Tornado in a Jar; Rain Cloud in a Jar; Light Refraction. These are all done with everyday household items and we promise to let you know the ‘messiness’ levels when we set the experiments!

LANGUAGES – W/C 12th APRIL - Follow two simple recipes, one in French (crepes) and one in Spanish (open topped sandwiches) recipes provided and demonstrated on video.

SPORT & PE – W/C 19th April - Create and label your own skeleton using items from around the house; live workouts with BCHS PE teachers; AI Basketball App - complete a series of virtual reality sport challenges.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY – W/C 26th April - Making a minute marble run using household materials – not as easy as it sounds!  

HUMANITIES – W/C 3rd MAY - Ancestry – creating a family tree using online facilities, photos and family input. Make these as creative and detailed as you possibly can.                                 

MUSIC – W/C 10th May - Creating a piece of music using just household items. This workshop will involve the Year 6 students, parents and siblings to work together to create a family band using objects around their house.  

WEST HAM FOUNDATION – W/C 17th May - Soccer skills with qualified WHU Foundation Academy Coach.

COMPUTING – W/C 24th MAY - Make a computer game using SCRATCH programme.

DRAMA – W/C 7th June - Power props = Superhero; Mime = Silent Movie.

ENGLISH – W/C 14th June - Students dress as their favourite book character and write, in exactly 100 words, why they have chosen this character and book.

ART – W/C 21st June - 3D Paper house making; technical drawing demonstrations/exercises that will guide students through improving their drawing skills.  

FOOD TECHNOLOGY – W/C 28th JUNE - Great BCHS Bake Off. Everyone is aware of the Bake off TV programme, it’s now your turn to get your aprons ready to show us your amazing culinary skills.  

MATHS – W/C 5th JULY - For this fun activity you will need toothpicks and marshmallows. We will use the toothpicks and marshmallows to build 3D shapes, sketch these shapes and use them to work out the number of toothpick edges and marshmallow vertices. Once you have completed them all you can then see if you can spot any patterns. 


Primary Visits

A member of the Primary team will be visiting every student in their primary school during the Summer term. If we can't do this in person we will arrange a virtual meeting instead. 


Year 6 Induction Days

Thursday 24th & Friday 25th June 2021

(Due to government restrictions we cannot confirm details until nearer to the date. We will email parents once everything has been confirmed.)


Summer School

Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th August 2021

(Due to government restrictions we cannot confirm details until nearer to the date. We will email parents once everything has been confirmed.)

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