Primary Feedback

Primary Liaison 2020

"Out of all the schools we viewed last year we chose BCHS as our number one choice because I got a feeling that you genuinely cared about the children’s well being, as well as them achieving their full potential academically. This has been proven over the past few months! Many of my sons primary school friends are going to other schools, across Brentwood and Billericay, and having spoken to their parents none of them have had anywhere near the amount of contact or information from their new secondary schools. You’ve been a great reassurance to both my son and us as parents!" - Year 6 parent 2020

"We really appreciate the time and effort you have devoted to us especially under the circumstances. We as parents and the boys, were relieved to feel that after all of the uncertainty we have experienced during the lock-down and our relocation, we are very lucky have managed to secure positions in such a compassionate and friendly school. The boys are really excited to eventually attend the school in person as they are intrigued with the appearance, history and architecture of such an old building as their previous school was very modern and had none of these attributes. "It looks Like Hogwarts" he said :)" - Mid-Year admission parent 2020

"The BCHS students and teachers have really gone to a lot of effort to help keep the year 6s (and us parents) included in their new school during these difficult times. It is all very much appreciated as it is such a huge step for them at the best of times let alone with lockdown to contend with. We can’t thank you enough!!" - Year 6 Parent 2020

"Thanks to you and the team for the weekly challenges. My son is always looking forward to it. Especially the sweets and certificates" - Year 6 parent 2020

"Thank you again for the contact you have been providing for us and the children. It means a lot to them and for my son it makes the start of secondary school seem real and exciting.  It has been done in such a fun, light-hearted and unpressurised way which I feel has been great for them, and us as parents at such a strange time. Thank you again, I know we have definitely chosen the right school." - Year 6 parent 2020

“I’d like to thank your primary team for everything they have done so far during the lockdown. My daughter is in Year 6 but will be starting with you in September and they have been keeping us informed throughout. We have even had weekly challenges set for the children with certificates and chocolates sent as prizes. Even though we haven’t officially met any of you, we feel like we know you well. My daughter cannot wait to start with you in September. Thank you for being so supportive and proactive in everything you do.” – Year 6 parent 2020

“Thank you for keeping us so well informed during lockdown. It is lovely to see that you are thinking of our children as part of your school already. You have really helped to alleviate my concerns in this already worrying time. I cannot thank you enough.” – Year 6 parent 2020

“Thank you for the weekly Year 6 challenges. My daughter is so excited to take part each week and is collecting all the certificates now! This has been a great idea and she is now looking forward to meeting you all officially soon.” – Year 6 parent 2020

“I have just had my phone call from the primary team and I would like to thank you for taking the time to call me. It was lovely to be able to talk through all my questions and get to hear all the plans and ideas you have in place. You have been amazing through these uncertain times and I am looking forward to meeting you all soon.” – Year 6 parent 2020

“I am a headteacher at a primary school and have been amazed at the effort and lengths your staff have gone to ensure your upcoming Year 6 students feel like part of your school from the get-go. Everything from the informative welcome pack, primary workshops, the football academy, and the Year 6 Facebook page. You are going above and beyond what is expected and it is really appreciated. Thank you.” – Year 6 parent 2020

Buddy Video (IMG-3348-1.mp4)

"We have just watched the buddy video. My son loved it! He actually recognised his buddy from his primary school and feels even more reassured now. The buddy video was a lovely idea. Thank you so much Primary Team." - Year 6 Parent 2020

"We loved the buddy video – what a great idea!! My son has watched it twice already!" - Year 6 Parent 2020

"Thank you to everyone involved in making the buddy video. It was lovely for my daughter to see some of the Year 7 faces! Great idea! Well done to the Primary team." - Year 6 Parent 2020

"The buddy video was lovely. Brilliant idea. We loved watching it! Thank you so much for putting it together." - Year 6 Parent 2020

"Just wanted to say the buddy video was lovely – I started to cry watching it!! Thank you to all the students that helped with it. My son feels so much better to put a face to his buddy!"- Year 6 Parent 2020

"It was so lovely to see all those happy faces in the buddy video. It was very uplifting and all the children are a real credit to the school. They are obviously very proud of their school and in their role as buddies to the new Year 6 children and are doing a fantastic job!  It was great for my son to see and very reassuring. He wanted to say a big thank you to them all and in particular his buddy and is looking forward to meeting him soon." - Year 6 parent 2020

Workshops & Events

“A huge thank you to everyone involved in the Science workshop. My son had a great time and has not stopped talking about all the wonderful things he did and the new friends he had made.” – Year 6 parent 2019 

“Thank you to everyone involved in the Sports Relief workshop. My son had the best time. He loved competing with the other children in the Swimathon and really enjoyed the water polo afterward. He was thrilled with his certificate and medal at the end too! What a great idea for a great charity. Well done to all involved!!” – Year 6 parent 2019

“My son attended the STEM workshop. He loved every second and was thrilled to have designed his own computer game at the end of it. Thank you, everyone!” – Year 6 parent 2019

“Thank you for hosting the Author visit with Holly Webb. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the talk and loved being able to ask all their questions. All our students are very excited to take part in the competition as well. I will be in touch soon when all the entries are complete. Thanks again” – Local Primary School 2019

Primary Liaison 2019

“Loved the coffee morning. What a great idea!! It was very informative and the staff were wonderful.” – Year 6 parent 2019

“Thank you for hosting the afternoon tea we were really pleased with the outcome. We feel completely reassured that we have made the right decision and picked the best school for our daughter.” – Year 6 parent 2019 

“I cannot thank the Primary Liaison Team enough for all the hard work they have put into the transition process. My daughter was so anxious about starting Secondary school and after attending your Year 6 induction days you have completely put her at ease. It’s like having a different child.” – Year 6 parent 2019

“The primary liaison team have been great throughout my child’s transition. They have gone above and beyond from coffee mornings, personal phone calls and in-depth information packs. They have completely put my mind at ease and have answered all my questions. I am so glad I chose BCHS!” – Year 6 parent 2019

“I was really anxious about joining secondary school and I’ve had such fun. I cannot wait to start in September.” – Year 6 student 2019 

“I loved the induction days at BCHS. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and I made lots of new friends. I’m looking forward to starting in September now.” – Year 6 student 2019

“Just a quick thank you for helping my son to settle at BCHS. He was so nervous when I dropped him off for his first day at BCHS. I was so worried about him. As soon as he saw all the friendly faces in reception waiting to meet him all his nerves seemed to disappear. Since I picked him up tonight, he hasn’t stopped talking about how great it was and how much he’s looking forward to going back tomorrow. Its like having a different child. Thank you so much.” – Year 7 parent 2019

“It was so nice to see the primary liaison team meeting and greeting all the students in reception today. It really helped them to feel settled on their first day. You could see the change in them as soon as they walked in and saw you all there. You guys are a rock to all the students and are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much!” – Year 7 parent 2019

“Thanks again to the primary team for being that constant figure to my child throughout the transition and into Year 7. You have all played a massive part in how well my daughter settled and has continued to cope with secondary school life. She’s always telling me how she pops into see you and discuss things that are bothering her. It’s great to know she can still go to you when she needs that extra support. Thank you for always being there!” – Year 7 parent 2019

Year 5 Taster Day

“Thank you so much to all the staff involved in the Year 5 Taster days. The lengths that the staff went to in order to ensure the children had a great time was amazing. They all went above and beyond. My daughter described the day as magical.” – Year 5 parent 2019

“I’ve had such a great day, can we do it all again tomorrow?” – Year 5 student 2019

"Wow! What an amazing day! The amount of hard work and effort that must have gone in to producing such a fun filled day did not go unnoticed. Well done to everyone involved. Our students are still talking about it. Hope we get invited back next year." - Year 6 Primary teacher

WHU Christmas Party (Any Old Irons & Year 6 WHU Academy Students)

“A massive thank you to everyone involved the WHU Football Academy programme set up for the Year 6 students. I cannot believe the effort that has been put in to incorporate the students into the school from the beginning from the training sessions to the Christmas party. You have put some much into everything. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done. The Christmas party is one my son will never forget – especially after meeting Carlton Cole.” –  Year 6 parent

“I would like to say THANK YOU! My son had a fantastic time today & was telling me all about it on the way home. What a great community event. Can you say a big thank you to everyone go helped put it together too.” – Year 6 Parent

“On behalf of Any Old Irons I want to thank you once again for a truly wonderful day. We were all so happy because you, your pupils and the Year 6 pupils treated us like Royalty. It was wonderful talking to them and hearing about their experiences. If you could let the primary schools know how impressive their pupils were we would really appreciate it. The concert, and community singing lifted the heart and spirits. I hope the pupils enjoyed it as much as we did. Once again, thank you.” – Any Old Irons. 

“I would like to second Sue Adams` `thank you` for the wonderful day you invited us be part of today. Everything was perfect, but so relaxed and such fun. It was a great experience to meet pupils of different ages and at different stages of their education, and hear their aspirations, especially in the field we love & support. I found the children so polite, yet forthcoming. The tap, ballet & modern dancing were a joy to watch & the orchestra & singing were music to the soul as well as the ear. Thank you for the lunch & the welcome - I`m still smiling. Happy Christmas & all the best for 2020.” – Any Old Irons. 

“As a school you have gone above and beyond anything we expected. Some of the pensioners live alone and don’t integrate with the younger generation. It was a pleasure to see the joy on their faces when they were socialising with the students. This event will stay with them forever. I’d love to be a fly on the wall on the train journey home as I am sure they were singing the whole way home!” – WHU Foundation. 

"Thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Any Old Irons patriots and Brentwood County High School. There were activities going on throughout the day which highlighted the intergeneration mix between the Any Old Irons and the school children. Well done to everybody involved. I had a great day." - Carlton Cole (West Ham & England Football Player)


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