Parent Feedback


"Safeguarding Lead has been such a tremendous help to my son. Over the past few months, he has suffered quite badly with mental health. She has shown great support to both my son and myself through this time, constantly keeping in touch to talk and creating a structure for him at school. He really relies on someone to trust to talk too and this has been instrumental in his recovery. I would like to say a big thank you to the Safeguarding Lead for this continued help." (Year 10 parent)

Teaching and Learning


Hi, hope you are well, sorry but I won't be able to make the meeting on Wednesday. If it helpful the live lessons this time around are fantastic although my son did really well last time it is much better having someone who knows the subject and is there to answer questions. (Year 7 Parent)

Can I just say well done to all of you thought this difficult time the school has been amazing getting everything organised. Take care (Year 7 Parent)

Anyway, in that spirit, I wanted to let you know that I think the offer from BCHS this week has been fantastic. My son has been at school with me, accessing Teams from a laptop in my office. Therefore, I’ve heard a lot of his lesson content and it’s been nice to put faces to names for each of his teachers. Although he’s found online learning pretty tough, the lessons have been great, and I think the teachers have done a fantastic job of moving their teaching online! I have been particularly impressed with the Spanish, EP, History and Science lessons. (Year 7 Parent)

Thank you to you and your staff for all your hard work during another period of unsettled and strange times for education. (Year 7 Parent)

Hi, I hope you are well.  I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you to the school for all you have done during the closures.  I am really pleased with the level of communications and the live zoom lessons have been amazing.  It has made life a lot easier, especially when I have a primary school aged daughter to home school and I also work from home. (Year 7 Parent)

I know other schools in the area have not been great, so really pleased we chose BCHS for my son - he seems to be getting on really well.(Year 7 Parent)

Good Morning, Happy New Year and I hope you are keeping well.  Not quite the start to the new year you were expecting, but I would like to congratulate you and the staff on the online classes that you are running (I am also learning as my son shares the same room as me while I work from home) (Year 8 Parent)

Good morning, Hope you and your family are all keeping safe and well. I just wanted to say how fantastic the live online lessons are that my son is receiving and to pass on my thanks to all staff for their efforts during this difficult and challenging time. The lessons are engaging and sometimes humorous and is certainly helping my son remain focused with learning. My son is a shy child and the way the lesson is given enables him to feel comfortable and involved. He sometimes emails teachers and they always reply quickly and positively if he has any concerns or questions.  As a parent I just wanted to pass on my thanks to staff for their commitment and efforts which are very much appreciated and valued.  Take care and looking forward to better days ahead. (Year 8 Parent)

Good morning, I just wanted to say how fantastic the school and teachers have been with delivering the zoom lessons. It has made my life so much easier being able to get on home schooling my youngest knowing X is in capable hands with her teachers. X is so less stressed than last year which is great. Even more so now  X has been allocated a laptop. Can I ask do these get returned when she returns to school or when there’s going to be no more home learning?  Thank you for delivering a brilliant home learning programme.(Year 9 Parent)

Multiple year group

Both my children are getting on well, teachers doing live lessons is brilliant, so they are on hand if they get stuck.  I don’t then have to worry that hey will ask me for help

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