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What is it to be a Geographer at BCHS?

HNlr5Xgy 400x400 (1)Geography is a vibrant and relevant subject to our everyday lives. In Key Stage 3 we investigate the UK, map skills, the weather and climate, settlements, transport, our world, tourism, hazards and football and fashion.

We help you to develop an informed perspective on important local, regional and global issues. You will learn how to ask questions, collect and interpret information and to develop your understanding of geography.

Subject Overview - Year 7-11

ImagesYear 7 overview

  • What is Geography?
  • Geographical Skills
  • Our place: The United Kingdom and Essex
  • Changing Settlements
  • Raging Rivers
  • Discovering Africa – A continent of contrasts
  • Weather and climate

Year 8 overview

  • Global perspective on football and fashion
  • China’s changing human and physical landscapes
  • Plastic oceans
  • Spreading deserts
  • Dynamic coastlines

Year 9 overview

  • Weather Hazards and Climate Change
  • Biomes, Ecosystems and Management
  • Changing Cities 1 – Birmingham and Mexico City

Year 10 overview

  • Landscapes
  • Rivers and coasts
  • River Fieldwork
  • Changing Cities 2 – Urban Fieldwork
  • Development – India

Year 11 Overview

  • Energy and resource management
  • UK challenges
  • Revision

Revision Unit 1

​Revision Unit 2


Subject Overview - Sixth Form

GlacierYear 12 overview

  • Coastal Landscape Systems
  • Changing Spaces Making Places
  • Disease Dilemmas
  • Earth’s Life Support Systems
  • Independent Investigation (Data Collection)

Year 13 overview

  • Independent Investigation (Write up)
  • Climate Change
  • Human Rights
  • Global Connection
  • Exam Revision



Key Stage 3Chelmsford 1

  • Geography Club
  • Extension Challenges
  • Field trips
  • Humanities House Quiz

Key Stage 4

  • Residential field trip to Swanage (optional)
  • Epping Forest field trip
  • Chelmsford field trip

Key Stage 5

  • Residential field trip to North Wales

How do we contribute to PSHEE, British Values and SMSC

Wp0607228b 05 06Geography education encourages pupils to explore how places have been changed by the contexts and processes that have shaped them. It helps them to understand the complex ways in which communities and societies are linked and to appreciate the diversity of people’s backgrounds. Geography also helps pupils to understand society better. Appreciating diversity encourages positive relationships and shared values. It promotes tolerance and partnership, within local and wider communities.

What careers does Geography support

  • Careers in geography 1 638Environment and ecology
  • Town planning
  • Surveying
  • Cartography (making maps)
  • Conservation

Geography is good choice for your GCSE subjects if you want to:

  • keep your future subject choices open
  • study a general subject
  • find out about other subjects – such as sociology or geology – which you may not have had the chance to study yet
  • better understand the world today

Geography is part of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), a set of core subjects which can help you choose your GCSE options (and which are also used as a measure for schools).

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