Year 12 geography students go to Dunton Hills

The Geography Department is working on an exciting collaborative project with Dunton Hills Golf Course, Brentwood Borough Council and Birmingham University.  They are looking at the potential “Garden Village” development proposed for the Dunton Hills area.

Once on site students were given a tour by the site manager and an insight into the location. They learnt about the connectivity of the site and the potential environmental impacts (both positive and negative) and sustainable energy. Once back at school, planning officers from Brentwood Council worked with the students to understand how places are made (place making) and how new communities can be successfully created.

This links in to the students’ studies on the unit of work called “Changing Spaces, Making Places,” part of their A-level in Geography.

Mrs. A Hughes, Executive Headteacher said “It also provides an insight into the world of work geography can lead to careers in planning, land management and development so trips such as this bring the subject to life.”