YA author joins BCHS student for Book Club

Young Adult fiction author Chloe Seager joined BCHS students recently for Friday book club which is held each week in the library during lunchtime.  Chloe spoke to students about her recently published book, Editing Emma.   With many budding writers amongst our book club members, students were eager to pick up tips as to how Chloe has become a published author whilst still in her mid-twenties.

Through studying English Literature and Drama at university, Chloe discovered a love of children’s books so after finishing her course she went into publishing in the form of a literary agent.  Her tip to all would be authors is to get themselves a literary agent who apart from offering constructive criticism on a writer’s work, will champion their cause with publishers.

Chloe kindly donated signed copies of Editing Emma to our library and these are available for loan to students.  Reviews of the book describe is as a refreshing read, funny in all the right places, witty where it needs to be and honest. With many comparisons to the late great Louise Rennison’s series, it is filled with hilarious anecdotes that are entirely relatable.  Highly recommended for our older students.