Year 8 successful at UK Maths Challenge

We are delighted to celebrate the success of our year 8 students who sat the UK Maths Challenge.

The Maths Challenges provide material to provoke students’ mathematical thinking and test their problem solving skills in an accessible and yet challenging way.

Over 260,000 students sat for the Exam across UK, in our school we had 60 students sitting the exam. Out of this 18 students managed to scope Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates.

Gold : Jack Linton and Callum Good; Silver: Samantha Hull, Jessica Leer, Sidonie Holmes, Ethan French, Joshua Archer; Bronze: Reece Mackay, Max Briggs, Harvey Conyard, Brandon Chapman, Rachel Green, Bianca Chinolea, Lauren Chapman, Conor Mcauliffe, Lola Bevan, Shawn Micheals, Josua Sabeskanthan, William Scott,  Evelyn Vine.