Parents and staff debate: 'rapid improvement for Brentwood County High School

A lively evening of debate, discussion and future planning was held at Brentwood County High School on Wednesday 18th April when parents and governors came together with school leaders. The aim of the evening was for governors and leaders at BCHS to hear parent views and ensure their opinions help inform the way forward for this rapidly improving school.

The Vice Chair of Governors, Christine Dunning, welcomed parents and the CEO of the Osborne Co-operative Trust, Paul Griffiths, presented an outline of the Trust’s vision for BCHS. Parents then worked in groups with senior leaders and governors to discuss improvements so far and agree priorities for the future. He updated parents on the financial situation of the school and projections going forward which are looking far more positive.

The Executive Headteacher, Ashlie Hughes, updated parents on academic improvements and congratulated staff on the outstanding sixth form results of 2017 which places BCHS in the top seven schools in Essex for KS5 progress.

There was a clear view that rapid improvements in behaviour, since September 2017 has ensured pupils at BCHS are able to benefit from quality teaching. It was also confirmed that historical issues in staff shortages have been resolved and all staff positions are now filled with qualified teachers; parents agreed this has provided consistency and stability for the school. A vast amount of staff training has taken place this year and BCHS staff have developed strong cross school links with staff at the high performing partner school, St Clere’s.

Parents and pupils alike are looking forward to the planned new building project which will complement the unique, tradition building at the front of the school and will provide excellent facilities for BCHS students.

Overall, parents and staff are excited about the future for BCHS. They support improvements so far and would now like to continue the focus on homework and pupil self-responsibility as well as ensuring pupils have a voice in their preferred methods of learning.