Year 7 students visit museums and attend a writing workshop

Year 7 students were divided into three groups for different experiences.  The first group went to the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre.  There they focused on Pop Art and the language of Shakespeare plays and were even able to ‘walk the boards’ at the Globe.  The second group spent the day exploring art in different forms at the Victoria and Albert Museum and looked at how art can include many different things. 

The third group stayed in school and took part in a creative writing workshop led by author Sara Grant.  Sara, who has extensive experience in book editing as well as being an author of several popular books for teens and young adults, helped student come up with and develop some excellent story lines.  Students also had the opportunity to hear Sara talk about her life as a writer of fiction and she described herself as being a professional liar!  She impressed upon students that all they need to succeed as writers is imagination which is undoubtedly helped by extensive reading.  With some excellent work produced throughout the day, we definitely have some budding writers in our midst.

Mr Callender, Head of School said “This was a fantastic opportunity for our year 7 students to widen their knowledge of literature and culture.”