Lower School

Welcome to the Brentwood County High Lower School.

Young people at BCHS will spend their first two years within the lower school before moving onto the middle school at the start of year 9. The school consists of 15 tutor groups, each group with an even split of students from years 7 and 8. Students will remain within the same form throughout their time in lower school.

The lower school have two key targets for each child for their time within the school.

In year 7, our aim is to ensure and smooth and successful transition between primary and secondary School. This begins in year 5 with the Saturday masterclass days and community activities carried out by Brentwood County High students and staff, and carries on throughout years 6 and 7 until every student feels happy, comfortable and safe in their education at Brentwood County High School.

Once we have succeeding in our first aim, we move onto our second key criteria for success in the lower school, ensuring every child is equipped with all the skills, abilities and knowledge required to make informed choices regarding their GCSE subjects, which will of course be started when they move into middle school in year 9. This is achieved by providing all of our students with the relevant independent study skills and the ability to take responsibility of their own learning, which shall put them in good stead as they progress through the school.

One of the more important processes of year 8 is the requirement to select their GCSE option subjects for the coming year. We aim to make this process as informed and simple as possible for every student by providing 'GCSE taster lessons' carried out by students in the Upper School so that students begin to gain an understanding into subjects they may not have studied previously, such us sociology and psychology.

Each tutor group is led by a form tutor, with the support of an associate form tutor. These members of staff are trained with the skills to provide each child with the best possible start to Brentwood County High School and maximise their chances of success throughout their education.

The lower school's Director of Learning is Will Mitchell, whose job involves the supervision of all matters regarding years 7 and 8.

In addition to Mr Mitchell, the Lower School has an expert leadership team of teaching, support and administrative staff to provide the school with all the support required as they go through their journey at Brentwood County High School.

Tracy Mulliner is the Success Year Leader for years 7 and 8. Their role entails all success, behaviour, and pastoral issues within the school.

Each year group is also supported by academic year leaders. Teaching staff, Hannah Monk (year 7) and Rebecca Day (year 8) are responsible for the academic success of every student in the lower school.

The entire lower school leadership team is supported by Sue Wellman, the lower school administrator.

If you have any questions at any point for the lower school leadership team regarding any academic, pastoral or administrative issues, please contact the relevant staff by using the contact links below.