Head Boy and Head Girl



The position of Head Boy and Girl at Brentwood County High School is a very special and important one.

The lists of former Head Boys and Head Girls are prominently displayed on boards at the front of our school hall, going back over many decades. The Head Boy and Girl represent their peers across the entire school both as figureheads and in a practical way working to improve their school.

For the process for selecting our head boy and girl we have introduced a  democratic system which sees the posts elected by the whole student body in the June of the previous school year when the outgoing post holders have finished Year 13. The posts are open to any Year 12s who wish to put themselves forwards to be Head Boy or Girl. Those applying have to write to the headtacher setting out why they would make a strong Head Boy or Girl, and what they will do to help improve their school during their year in post. Each candidate is then invited to be interviewed by a panel made up of the headteacher, chair of governors and head of sixth form. The second stage sees the candidates speak to all the students in the school over five house assemblies in a week where they have the chance to convince their peers to vote for them. The final stage sees the voting where all students and staff have the chance to vote for their preferred candidates in each election. Staff and student all have one vote of equal value, with the staff making up around 20% of the electorate, and students around 80%. The votes are then counted by our A-Level Politics students following the same rules as for other British elections, and the candidates are informed of the results.

From this we get a Head Boy and Girl, as well as a Deputy Head Boy and Girl who can act in the place of the Head Boy or Girl where necessary.

All four of our elected sixth formers are members of the school’s governing body. They attend both Full Governing Body meetings, as well as attending various committees related to Teaching and Learning, Finance and Behaviour and Safety.

From May 2018 to May 2019 our postholders are:

Head Boy: Owen Chesney

Head Girl: Precious Omogiate-Igiebor

Deputies Head Boy:Oscar Pace

Deputy Head Girl: Ella Miller

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