STAFF Hughes Ashlie

Welcome to Brentwood County High and thank you for visiting our website. Brentwood County High School is now member of the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust (formerly known as St Clere’s Co-operative Academy Trust) which means the Co-op values of: equality, democracy, equity, self-help, self-responsibility, and solidarity underpin everything we do. BCHS is now considered a new school, since September, and has been provided with a new URN (unique reference number) from the DFE (Department for Education).

Our mission is for all our students to reach their best possible potential by developing a resilience and confidence in their learning.  Excellent academic achievements are central to this mission as well as a traditional ethos of thoughtful behaviour and manners.  Brentwood County High School supports students to become ambitious adults who are empowered to access the many future opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The sixth form at BCHS has been placed in the top 20% of providers in the country in terms of outcomes and progress.  We will continue to build on this success as we further develop keystage 5 offer. Added to that, a strong starting point of historically good GCSE exam results which compare well with national outcomes, our focus this year is to ensure an outstanding quality of learning and pupil wellbeing. A secure and happy learning environment coupled with a strong, varied curriculum and excellent teaching, will ensure the high expectations for students and staff are met.

Mrs A Hughes

Executive Head Teacher


STAFF Callender Jay


It is our belief that education sets a young person free to experience the life that they choose, not one that is imposed on them by society.  There is no doubt that the most successful children learn in a safe, reassuring, confidence building, happy environment and these are the foundations we will instil at Brentwood County High School.  Working together with ultimately empower our students to reach their full potential and it is our aim to work in close partnership with families, parents and carers.  We are all striving for the same outcome; to create a new generation of happy confident and successful young people.  The co-operative values of equality, equity, democracy, self-help, self-responsibility and solidarity will underpin all our work at BCHS.  Our aim is to develop every child's adaptability, resilience, problem solving and social skills which are more important in today's society than ever before.  Our students will recognise the value of education and the opportunities education can bring to every single young person at this school.

Through our ethos, vision and values we will always place your child at the centre of our actions and decision as we embark on very exciting times ahead and bright future for the school and students alike.

Mr. J. Callender

Acting Head of School