Art - Textiles

Contact for further information: Mrs Dawn Brassett

Why study Textiles in the Sixth Form?

If you have ever wondered…Who designs clothing for the High Street stores?   How the fashion industry is helping to protect the environment? Or Why body scanners are used in the textiles industry? Then Textiles could be the course for you.

Textiles Technology is a fast moving and diverse subject, which includes many current issues focused on in the media, e.g. the influence of major retailers in the global economy, fashion cloning and celebrity  trendsetters.

You will become familiar with the textiles industry and the wide variety of activities that make it efficient and dynamic. New technologies and products are looked at as well as the needs for technical input in response to the changes that consumers demand.

Where can Textiles take me in the future?

There are many very good opportunities in this field. Textiles Technology does not just lead to jobs in designing; there are many challenging and rewarding careers in the textiles industry. These include jobs within research, new product/fabric development, purchasing, production, manufacturing, retail and teaching. It is a course which combines theory and practical skills in areas such as textile design, the design process and practical skills.

What do the students say?

“You should study textiles because it is a fun, relaxed environment where you can develop skills and creativity and make the products you design”

“I love Textiles because it is a practical subject where you are able to be creative and express yourself in the products you make”.

“I love textiles because I have been able to make a range of clothes and accessories, which I have designed. The teachers are friendly and helpful and I look forward to every lesson”.

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the Edexcel A-Level Art and Design 2015 

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