Contact for further information: Miss Sabrina Mootoosamy

Why Sociology study in the Sixth Form?

Sociology will change the way you think about life. It will encourage you to question societies' taken for granted beliefs, as well as your own views and to delve deeper into how society works.

Should you feel that these views reflect your own; Sociology may be of interest to you!

Over the two year course you will study: Effects of gender, ethnicity, age and class, youth and culture, educational issues: differential achievement by gender, class and ethnicity and how to conduct and evaluate sociological research.

Where can Sociology take me in the future?

Careers that appreciate a sociological mind are endless, but here are a diverse few:- Advertising, Market Research, Social Work, Teaching, Nursing, Law, Policing and Medicine.

As a Humanities subject it reiterates the main skills required for: English, History, Geography, Psychology, Theatre Studies and GNVQ Health Care.

What do the students say?

“A good subject with very motivational teachers”

“The teachers are uplifting and are really good at giving modern examples of Sociology that I can relate to.  You will end up living and breathing Sociology!”

“It makes you think of things you take for granted in a different way”

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the OCR Sociology course h180-h580 from 2015

Subject specification