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Why study Chemistry in the Sixth Form

  • Develop your knowledge of Chemistry
  • Develop an understanding of the link between theory and experiment and how Chemistry is useful in the world of work
  • Be aware how advances in Chemistry aid advances in technology
  • Appreciate the endeavour of other scientists in the development of knowledge and understanding of the Chemical World
  • Work independently covering a wide variety of contexts for the application of Chemistry

You will study

In Year 1 you will develop your practical skills as well as studying 3 main modules; Foundations in Chemistry, Periodic Table and Energy and Core Organic Chemistry.

During Year 2 you will study a further 2 modules; Physical Chemistry and Transition Elements, along with Organic Chemistry and Analysis.

Across the 2 years you take part in a series of practical tasks that are written up and assessed. This section is reported separately to your  A-Level grade. 

Where can Chemistry take me in the future?

Chemistry is essential in the following careers:

  • Medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and pharmacy
  • Industrial chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Biochemistry and genetics
  • Food science and nutrition

Other chemistry related careers include environmental chemistry, forensic science and toxicology.   There are also many other careers which can be accessed via chemistry including accountancy, journalism, law, photography and teaching.

What do the students say?

“It’s the same as GCSE but much more detailed – you still do lots of practical applications.   It is hard at first but then, when you look back and revise, it clicks and is very satisfying”.

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the OCR Chemistry A. 

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