Student Monitoring and Reports


At the beginning of each Key Stage (Years, 7, 9 and 12) students are given targets to work towards.  These targets are based upon their previous achievements.  Regular assessment enables students' progress to be carefully monitored as they move through the school.  Parents are provided with a termly report providing regular updates on students' progress and attitude.  All students have a performance review where parents should accompany their child.

Parents keep the reports and the school retains a copy.

As well as overseeing academic progress, form tutors also oversee the social development of students in their care, acting upon advice and information gathered as a result of liaison with Heads of Houses, Subject Staff, parents and where necessary external agencies.  A record of action taken is maintained in the students' personal file.  In addition, the file contains records of attainment and the results of the standardised tests.

Students in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 are assessed using a "RAGging" system which grades their progress as Red, Amber or Green each time a set of reports is issued. The assessment system is based on attendance, attitude score, positive over negative behaviour points and performance against core subject targets. The "RAGging" system is used to target support and guidance for students in order to help them to improve their overall performance.