The Creative Area of Learning is focussed on developing the skills required by new Year 7 students at BCHS to support their transition from primary school to secondary school.

All Year 7 students spend twenty hours each fortnight (out of fifty) in their Creative Curriculum lessons. There are four key teachers of the Creative course:

  • Adam Smyth
  • Jenny Hall
  • Rachael Peet
  • Natasha Trzebinski

This core team of teachers deliver around eighty percent of all the lessons in the Creative Area of Learning. The other twenty percent are delivered by our art, drama and music teachers.

The Creative Area of Learning is led by Adam Smyth, who also teaches A-Level Law. Adam has extensive experience working as a lawyer in both the UK and USA over many years before transferring to teaching for his second career. Adam has led the Creative Curriculum course through its first year in 2014-2015, learning along with our first cohort of Year 7s about how to ensure the highest possible gains are made in learning skills during the first year at secondary school. A new version of the Creative Curriculum course will be delivered in 2015-2016.

Creative lessons focus on the skills required to succeed as independent learners in secondary school, building on the already excellent skills that our students have developed in their primary schools. The school year is divided up in to six "seasons", one covering each of the terms of the calendar. Students work on projects on a weekly basis, focussing on skills including research, report writing, presentation and group work.