Health and Social Care

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What is it like to study Health and Social Care at BCHS?

This is a new and exciting course to BCHS, which will prepare students for a life in Health and Social Care, perfect if you want to be a Midwife, Social Worker, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Psychologist, Phlebotomist... or anything in between!

KS5 Overview

Year 12

Human lifespan development

Meeting individual care and support needs

Year 13

Working in health and social care

Supporting individuals with additional needs



Year 12, Body Worlds Exhibition in London to support Unit 1 - Human Lifespan Development.

What careers does health and social care support?

This course will be useful if you are intending to pursue a career in social care or healthcare, for instance as a social worker or health visitors, practice nurse or occupational therapist. The course will also be invaluable if you wish to progress to higher education, to degrees in areas such as health and social care management, social work and nursing.

How Do We Contribute To PHSEE, British Values And SMSC?

Throughout the course, there are many opportunities to develop students understanding of PHSEE and British Values, for example within Unit 1,  ‘The psychological changes of ageing’, students will cover the following:

• Effects of social change:

o role changes

o loss of a partner

o loss of friends

o increase in leisure time.

• Financial concerns.

• Effects of culture religion and beliefs.

• Social disengagement theory.

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