What is like to study ASDAN at BCHS?

ASDAN courses develop a wide range of core skills in young people, including teamwork, problem solving, communication, managing their own learning and performance, and conducting research. At Key Stage 4 students in Pathway H will work on an English ASDAN qualification to support their achievement in their GCSE classes and increase their confidence and application of English to everyday situations. Following on from this they will study towards a Certificate in Personal Effectiveness which develops work related skills.

Subject Overview KS4

English Short Course

The English Short Course contains six modules:

  • Developing communication skills
  • Speaking and listening
  • Reading and writing styles
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Writing for a purpose
  • Reading for a purpose

Each learner will need their own copy of the Short Course student book or an e-portfolio login – this contains the challenge content and recording documents

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness

The CoPE curriculum is found in the student book, which comprises 13 modules. The modules are divided into three sections; section A, B and C. Each section should take at least 10 hours to complete – 10 hours is worth one credit. Students will need 12 credits to gain the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness.

The module titles are: Communication; Citizenship and community; Sport and leisure; Independent living; The environment; Vocational preparation; Health and fitness; Work-related learning and enterprise; Science and technology; International links; Expressive arts; Beliefs and values; Combined studies (this module allows you to mix and match a combination of challenges from other modules).

Students will produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their achievements. Students must also demonstrate competence at Level 1 or 2 in the six CoPE skills units:

  • Introduction to Working with Others
  • Introduction to Improving own Learning and Performance
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Planning and Carrying out a Piece of Research
  • Communication through Discussion
  • Planning and Giving an Oral Presentation


How Do We Contribute To PHSEE, British Values And SMSC?

ASDAN delivers a whole range of work related skills and supports our careers education programme. Within the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness themes such as values, beliefs and decision-making, environmental issues, crime and punishment, peace and conflict, creed and inspiration are investigated.

What Careers Does ASDAN Support?

Whilst ASDAN does not directly support particular careers thee range of skills that are developed are valuable in any career and make our young people more employable. Skills that are developed include:

Communication skills

Speaking and listening

Writing for a purpose

Reading for a purpose

Working with Others

Communication through Discussion

Planning and Carrying out a Piece of Research

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