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What is it to be a Politics Student at BCHS?

Politics is a dynamic subject offered at Sixth Form in BCHS.

Become a budding politician or work out where power really lies in the UK. Find out what the main parties stand for and the philosophies behind key political ideologies. Understand the main political institutions, how parliament works, how elections run, and the media’s influence in politics today. After focusing on British Politics in Year 12, the focus moves onto American Politics in Year 13, exploring the states, the presidency, the supreme court and much more.

You will be engaged in debates and discussions, using evidence to lead your opinions and form your own political judgements. It is a rigorous academic subject, students will learn to master the ability to build logical arguments and deliberate complex political issues in essay questions.

You will leave BCHS engaged, inspired and pretty opinionated!

Subject Overview - Sixth Form

Year 12 overview

Component 1: UK Politics

Students will study: Democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media.

Component 2: UK Government 

Students will study: The constitution, parliament, Prime Minister and executive, relationships between the branches.

Optional Political Idea: Feminism.

Core Political Idea One: Socialism.

Year 13 overview

Core Political Idea Two: Liberalism.

Core Political Idea Three: Conservatism.

Component 3: Comparative Politics USA 

For USA, students will study: The US Constitution and federalism, US congress, US presidency, US Supreme Court and civil

rights, democracy and participation, comparative theories.



Students will be enriched by debates and discussion on hot political topics of the day. They will research and study media sources to keep up to speed with the latest political movements.

Students will take part in a Mock Parliament event with neighbouring schools and complete an immersive day trip to Parliament where they will complete a tour, take part in an educational workshop and meet a number of real life MPs and Lords.

How do we contribute to PHSEE, British Values and SMSC?

Studying how the institutions of power really work in the UK allows us to better understand our place in the world and our country today.

Learning about how our democracy developed and the key institutions that run the country, how democracy works and how we participate in politics, gives students an excellent well-rounded approach to life and hones their SMSC skills.

What careers does Politics support?

Politics is a facilitating subject. It is a spring board to careers in Law, Public Relations, Journalism, enabling students to develop skills pertinent to leadership and management roles.

It is a course providing academic rigour as well as practical understanding of our keys laws, institutions and the workings of power

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