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What is it to be a Economist at BCHS?

Students studying economics at BCHS always seek to explain the world around them from a different perspective. They develop a greater understanding of the economic problems, which face individuals, firms and governments on a local, national and global level, and the alternative ways these problems can be resolved.

Economists as BCHS understand the importance of using both value judgements and data to justify their decisions.

KS4 Overview

Year 9 overview

Part 1 Introduction to Economics and Part 2 The Role of Markets and Money are the areas covered in year 9. These include topics such as the basic economic problem, demand, supply and price, competition, production and the labour market.

Year 10 overview

Student cover Part 3 of the curriculum, entitled, Economic Objectives and the Role of Government.

This involves looking at the following topics; Economic growth, low unemployment, fair distribution of income, price stability, fiscal, monetary and supply side policies and limitations of markets.

Year 11 overview

During year 11 students study Part 4: International Trade and the Global Economy consisting of the topics; Importance of international trade, Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates and Globalisation. After this the students revisit Supply and Demand this time incorporating the concept of elasticity.



Students are encouraged to take an interest in the economics world around them including the changing political landscape and how this can influence economic decisions. Students have access t a wide range of texts from both traditional and modern economists.

How do we contribute to PHSEE, British Values and SMSC?

At Key Stage 4 economists at BCHS explicityly study the causes and consequences of the 2008 financial crisis and look at ways the government, businesses and consumers can mitigate the risks of this happening again. Students learn about the different financial institutions in the UK and how best they can be used ethically and helpfully.

What careers does Economics support?

Banking, finance, stockbroking, accountancy, management consultancy.

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