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What is it to be an entrepreneur  at BCHS?


Students  know and understand business concepts the nature of business activity and the impact of business on individuals and wider society.  They should apply knowledge and understanding to contemporary business within a local, national and global contexts.  They should develop as enterprising individuals with the ability to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen, and draw on evidence to make informed business decisions and solve business problems.  They will think independently and act as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds with balanced and structured arguments.

Subject Overview - Year 9 - 11

Year 9 overview

Creating a Business – Students are encouraged to develop a business idea and launch that idea at the end of year 9.  All work is to develop their personal ideas and relate the theory part of the course to their practical actions.

Year 9 comprises three topic areas.

● Topic 1.1 Enterprise and entrepreneurship – students are introduced to the dynamic nature of business in relation to how and why business ideas come about. They also explore the impact of risk and reward on business activity and the role of entrepreneurship. ● Topic 1.2 Spotting a business opportunity – students will explore how new and small businesses identify opportunities through understanding customer needs and conducting market research. They will also focus on understanding the competition. ● Topic 1.3 Putting a business idea into practice – this topic focuses on making a business idea happen through identifying aims and objectives and concentrating on the financial aspects.

Year 10 overview

Students finish Theme 1 but look at the transition of a small business growing into a big business.  They use a Subway competition to develop their own ‘Sub’ with ingredients and understand the process of branding a larger business product.

Topic 1.4 Making the business effective – students will explore a range of factors that impact on the success of the business, including location, the marketing mix and the business plan.

Topic 1.5 Understanding external influences on business – students are introduced to a range of factors, many of which are outside of the immediate control of the business, such as stakeholders, technology, legislation and the economy. Students will explore how businesses respond to these influences.

Topic 2.1 Growing the business – students are introduced to methods of growth and how and why business aims and objectives change as businesses evolve. The impact of globalisation and the ethical and environmental questions facing businesses are explored.

Topic 2.2 Making marketing decisions – students will explore how each element of the marketing mix is managed and used to inform and make business decisions in a competitive marketplace.

Year 11 overview

Topic 2.3 Making operational decisions – this topic focuses on meeting customer needs through the design, supply, quality and sales decisions a business makes. ● Topic 2.4 Making financial decisions – students will explore the tools a business has to support financial decision making, including ratio analysis and the use and limitation of a range of financial information. ● Topic 2.5 Making human resource decisions – growing a business means that decisions relating to organisational structure, recruitment, training and motivation need to be made to influence business activity. These aspects are considered in this final topic.

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BTEC Business


Students are invited to take place in 2 practical business activities.  In year 9 they develop a business idea.  They promote and launch that product during a fortnight of trading in the last term.

Year 10 students take part in a national ‘Subway challenge’ where they design a sub and present their product to the Subway company.

Mini TED talks are organised with Business leaders including David Dein joint creator of the premier league and vice chairman of arsenal.  Rajeeb Dey OBE national entrepreneur and creator of the get Britain started campaign under the Conservative government lead by David Cameron.

Ex Alumni local business owners talk to students (Fletcher fit, Cautivar clothing)

Further education providers come and speak to students about logistics.

McColls sponsored competition ‘Dragons Den’ linked to the enterprise fortnight.

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What careers does Business support?

Banking, finance, stockbroking, accountancy, management consultancy, manual trades, beauty therapists, hair dressers (sole traders), small businesses, blue chip company workers, marketing, human resources, recruitment.

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