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The Governing Body

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Brentwood County High School Progress Board

Paul Griffiths                      Chair of Progress Board, CEO, Osborne Trust

Janet Clark                          COO, Osborne Co-Operative Academy Trust

Philomena Cozens            CEO, Keys Co-operative Academy Trust, Safeguarding

Kay Goodacre                    Trustee, Osborne Co-Operative Academy Trust

Robin Harbord                   School Effectiveness Partner, Essex County Council

Andrew Hook                     School Improvement Partner

Ian Palmer                          Forum representative and Community Governor

Dave Smith                         Community Governor


Parent and Community Forum

Trisha Jaffe                         Chair, Osborne Trust

Ian Palmer                          Community Governor

Dave Smith                         Community Governor

Andrew Browne                 Parent Governor

Sean Connelly                    Parent Governor 

Tina Masson                       Parent Governor

Ellie Gosling                        Teaching staff governor

Ann Smy                              Support staff governor 

Paul Griffiths                       CEO, Osborne Trust & Chair, BCHS Progress Board

Parvis Rahman                    Headteacher, BCHS

A proud partner in the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust