More Able Provision

“Exceptional people climb higher than the rest of us do, though they may also climb faster and more efficiently. But they do climb all the same, just like everyone else. No one miraculously arrives at the peak of their accomplishments”

(Howe, M. (1995) ‘What can we learn from the lives of geniuses?)

BCHS Identification Criteria

More able pupils can fall under numerous criteria therefore Brentwood County High School has created a comprehensive policy of identification of more able pupils which is stated below:

  • We have identified our top 5% academically more able students based on their KS2 scores and they will be part of our Gold list.
  • We have identified our top 10% academically more able students based on their KS2 scores and they will be part of our Silver list.

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Brentwood County High School Enrichment Programme

Inspiring Students in the Classroom

At Brentwood County High School we believe that Pupils’ abilities should be recognised and valued. Appreciation of their achievements makes an important contribution to their development.

 After the rigorous identification process, at Brentwood County High School we implement and embed measures into classroom practice to ensure that all students are constantly challenged.

What We Continue to Offer

In keeping with our maxim, many of the clubs and activities are not offered exclusively to students on the More Able registers, thus creating an environment where students can be inspired and motivated by their high achieving peers. However, there are some proactive and creative clubs and workshops that are by invitation only due to the level of skill and ability required to access the tasks on offer.

Below are just some of the provisions we have at the moment.

  •  Creative Arts Evening
  • Guardian education workshops
  • Accelerated Maths club
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Eye on the Prize: Year 8  have an introduction to university run by Anglia Ruskin University in order to inspire and enthuse students about their careers early on and aid them in their choices.
  • ARU campus tours and workshops.
  • Responsibilities and leadership roles across the school such as prefects, senior students, literacy tutors, peer mentors, sports leaders etc.
  •  Youthspeak competitions.

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More Able Workshops

At Brentwood County High we are now ensuring that our more able pupils will attend master classes  run by industry professionals. These will be delivered in the form of workshops where the students will engage with skills they will need to use in competitive industries. Some of the master classes we offer are listed below:

Adel pic 

Mrs Adel Buckingham

Adel has worked in criminal defence for over 12 years 4 of which were spent working for a large north west London firm. She has experience in a wide range of matters including murder and firearm related offences. Adel will be getting students to take part in a mock trial in order to test their investigative and argumentative skills.

Carl pic

Carl Burgess

Moreandmore (

More and More is a London based design and 3d studio formed by Tom Darracott and Carl Burgess. Commissions include work for Nike, Prada, Chanel and more. Carl Burgess is going to teach students how to create their own concept and brand using the latest technology.

John pic

John Buckingham

Brass Architects


Brass Architects are a London  based architecture firm specialising in buildings of the future. John Buckingham, founder of the company, will be doing a workshop on getting students to use architectural techniques to create blue prints for future houses .

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Dr Sarah Finnegan

Royal Veterinary College

Sarah is a veterinary surgeon who specialises in identifying epileptic seizures in dogs in order to discover more about epilepsy in humans. Sarah will be running a work shop on what we can learn from animals and medicine, diagnosing problems and surgery.

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Emma Robinson


Emma Robinson has published a variety of novels and will be doing a workshop for the students based on how to write and publish their own novel.










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