Summer Masterclass

On Saturday 12th May, BCHS held its last Primary Masterclass of the academic year. Year 5 pupils from schools across the borough were invited to take part in a range of subjects including; Maths, Science, Technology, Drama, PE and Basketball. The event was attended by 10 different primary schools who were eagerly excited to get involved in activities that they had never done before.

Our team of outstanding teachers led various engaging workshops with a variety of tasks. The workshops included; making a chocolate bar mould in technology with Mr Fish, using bunsen burners to burn salt and create crystals in a Science experiment with Mr Hegarty & Miss Cummins, PE sports with Miss Pointu, Maths optical illusions with Miss Njuguna, Drama with Miss Enkel and even a Basketball session with a Senior Leopards Coach. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gained valuable new skills and experiences after an exciting morning at BCHS.

Thank you to all Primary school pupils involved, we look forward to seeing you again soon!