Essex Book Award Ceremony

You frequently hear people say that young people today do not spend enough time reading.  This is certainly not true of the 12 students Mr. Rayner and Mrs Creckendon had the pleasure of taking to the Essex Book Awards at the Danbury Outdoor Centre last week.  Despite the fact that they had to sit in a freezing cold tent, they were thoroughly engaged in listening to the five authors who in turn told them what and who had inspired them to write their books.

It then went to a question and answer session after which the awards were given out.  The main prize went to a book called ‘All Things That Could Go Wrong’ by Stewart Foster, which told of the many trials and tribulations of everyday life for somebody with OCD.  Other prizes were given to students who had written reviews and made trailers to advertise the different books.

The day ended with a range of outdoor activities for the students to take part in.  Thankfully the sun came out just in time!

All in all it was an inspiring day and students made the staff proud of our young people at BCHS.  Maybe some budding authors?!

Mr. Callender, Head of School said “This demonstrates yet another learning experience for the pupils of Brentwood County High School.  It is our aim to give our pupils an array of opportunities through their time here which will enable them to develop into well rounded individuals.  It is also an opportunity for pupils to experience first-hand the importance of reading and career choices available after school."