Year 8 Enterprise Day

Year 8 students had a fantastic time on Enterprise Day developing their business acumen and ideas on their own theme park including giving advice to a chief buyer of McColls non-grocery items, Lynsey Peake.  They recommended items McColls should have in their store in line with their theme park vision!

The students were asked to design an amusement park to include site plan, marketing resources on a budget of 15,000 which would be presented to a panel of judges at the end of the day.  McColls were interested in having a shop on the site of the amusement park and were willing to pay £10,000 to do so.  It was therefore an advantage for the different teams to add a McColls shop to their park and explain in their presentation what items they would like the shop to sell to support the theme of the park.

The students developed and exhibited a vast array of skills that will hold them in good stead for their option choices, GCSEs and future careers!  They developed their confidence with excellent planning, communication and teambuilding skills as well as presenting their theme park plan to a panel of judges.

McColls were really impressed, with one of the judges stating “I really enjoyed it and have fed back to the business how positive the day was and how impressed I was by the efforts and the presentations skills of all the students involved.”

Overall a fantastic day that gave the students a wonderful opportunity to discover the world of enterprise using key transferable skills that will give them confidence moving into their GCSE years.

Mr Callender, Head of School said “We are grateful to McColls who led activities allowing pupils to gain an insight into building and running their own business.”