Year 8 visit Walton

Year 8 were blessed with the brightest weather in which to survey the geographical wonders of Walton. Students visited the famous Martello building, the Naze Tower and scaled its heights and surveyed the landscape in brisk winds.

During the wildlife walk around the Naze students saw many caterpillars, sand martins, lizards and a whole host of plant life. The Essex Wildlife Trust presented an introduction to the local geology from a sea-front outdoor classroom, here the students really got their hands dirty. The students survey the beach and the wave action and produced field sketches of the cliffs. 

In town the students approached members of the public for questionnaires, assessed the environmental quality, counted        pedestrians and visited the famous Walton Pier.

It was an amazing day and the feedback from students, staff and the Essex Wildlife Trust was brilliant. I would like to thank all the staff whose leadership helped to make the day such a success and the students for their excellent display of enthusiasm and good behaviour, well done!