Ofsted visit 2014


We were visited by our Ofsted inspection team on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and will await their judgement which will come in the next two weeks.

The Ofsted inspectors will now spend the next week producing their final report. This will then be quality assured by their regional office for the East of England. The report will be published to parents and the wider community around two weeks after the inspection, so we would expect to be sharing it with our school community by Friday 31st January at the very latest.

Whilst we cannot share any of the findings until that time, we can share with you the simply fantastic results of the Parent View surveys completed by 206 parents and carers which the inspectors used to help form their judgements of our school. We want to thank everyone who took the time to complete this survey following the email sent home to parents and carers after the announcement of the inspection on Tuesday. At 1pm on Tuesday there were 25 responses. This rose to just over 200 by the time the inspectors made their final judgements on Thursday afternoon.

We are truly humbled by the overwhelmingly positive responses we received to this survey, and want to thank you all for the positive things you have said about our school. We hope that the Ofsted inspection team decide that a high level of parental satisfaction with their children's school is good evidence of the quality of education that our young people receive.

Headlines from the survey:

96% of parents say their child is happy at BCHS.

97% of parents say their child is safe at BCHS.

94% of parents say their child makes good progress at BCHS.

91% of parents say that BCHS makes sure its pupils are well behaved.

76% of parents say that BCHS deals well with bullying, with another 18% saying they do not know, and only 6% expressing concern.

90% of parents say that BCHS responds well to any concerns that they raise.

93% of parents would recommend BCHS to other parents for their children's education.

You can view the results of our Parentview survey by clicking here.