BCHS Values


Life at BCHS is about being part of a community where we all support each other and we all value the contributions that every member of our community can make to ensure our school is the best place it can possibly be.

We do not publish long lists of rules which state what our young people can or cannot do. We focus on the contents of our Success Policy, which replaced our old behaviour policy in the autumn term of 2012. We start from the belief that all our young people, and all members of our school community, will work positively to ensure that our school is a safe, positive and vibrant place of learning.

We do have a number of documents that set out our specific expectations related to make up, mobile phones, behaviour for learning and conduct in the corridors. All of these are designed to enable all of our students to succeed whilst at BCHS, and seek to ensure that our focus is on learning and safety.

We will, of course, take action to remove students from lessons where their actions disturb the learning of others. We will also take strong action over behaviour that is disrespectful, unpleasant, criminal or simply undermines the ability of all members of our school community to be safe and enjoy their time at BCHS. However we always seek to find resolutions to situations where the young person is able to reflect on their actions and behaviour choices so that they are able to avoid repeating their mistakes in future.

Students gain recognition in a range of ways at BCHS, and we do this in both public and private ways. We share successes with parents and carers through phone calls, text messages, emails and letters on a regular basis.

As a member of the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust (formerly St. Clere’s), we work in partnership with other cooperative schools and are committed to the core Co-opeative values.

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