Able, Gifted and Talented Students


Einstein said "All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual."  As a community, BCHS shares this belief.  We have many students with exceptional ability in all sorts of areas.  Whether their talents lie in one particular subject or across a number of subjects, we provide our gifted, talented and more able students with the opportunity to flourish as individuals. 

Subject teachers provide work to stretch and challenge our most able students, whilst also ensuring that they receive the support and guidance that they need to fulfil their potential.  Tasks are differentiated and the level of challenge is based on the needs of each student.  An increasing number of our students are achieving top grades at GCSE and A Level, many being rewarded with places at top universities.

A vast array of enrichment activities enhance traditional classroom provision.  From talks to workshops, presentations to performances, an increasing range of activities provided by classroom teachers and visiting specialists help to develop high level skills.

Clubs and trips are run in all areas of the school to enable students to take their interests and skills further. 

We monitor carefully the progress made by our gifted, talented and more able students.  Mentoring and guidance are provided as necessary from Year 7 to Year 13 to ensure that they have every opportunity to develop as individuals and make the most of their ability.