Year 9
Students will start their KS4 courses in Year 9. They will continue to study the core subjects as shown in the table above.   In addition they will choose three option subjects. PSE and Citizenship are delivered through the ICT curriculum

Year 10
The majority of students in Year 10 will study following curriculum: English(Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science(double for most but triple for most able), ICT (incorporating the PSHE and Citizenship programmes), RE (short course), PE, Geography or History and a Modern Language.   In addition they will study two optional subjects.   Some students will study a third option instead of a Modern Language.   Approximately 15% of the year group will follow pathway 2.   This is a separate course of study which is more vocationally orientated.   Students will study English, Mathematics, Science(OCR), ICT, Work related learning, a day at college or vocational course in school and two option subjects.  PSE and Citizenship are delivered through the ICT curriculum

Year 11
Students follow the pattern of study shown in the table above.   This includes core lessons in English, Maths, Science, ICT, RE/PSE/Citizenship and three option subjects.

Option Subject Choices are from

Applied Business

Art and Design

Business Studies


Computer Studies






Leisure & Tourism

Media Studies


Physical Education



Technology - Food

Technology - Graphics

Technology - Resistant Materials

Technology -Textiles