01.07.201366Students will start studying their GCSE Options in Year 9.

With the ever changing situation in education we have adjusted the curriculum that students will follow in Year 10 and 11 to reflect the latest Department of Education requirements and advice.

Students will continue with their option subjects chosen at the end of Year 8, a modern foreign language (if you already do this), as well as the core curriculum of:
English Language
English Literature
Triple Science
Core PE
Core EP

Decide between Geography and History

The majority of students will therefore follow a curriculum and timetable made up on the following subjects:

Maths (1 GCSE)
English Language (1 GCSE)
English Literature (1 GCSE)
Triple Science (3 GCSEs)
Core PE (non examined)
Core EP (non examined)

French or Spanish (option 3 for some students) (1 GCSE)

Option 1 (1 GCSE)

Option 2 (1 GCSE)

Geography or History (1 GCSE)


Options that are currently available are:

Art and Design Design and Technology
3D art and Design (Ceramics) Film Studies
Business Music
Computer Science Physical Education
Drama Psychology
Ethics and Philosophy Sociology
Food Preparation and Nutritiion Art, Fashion and Textiles

Year 8 Options evening presentation

Year 8 into 9 Guided Choices booklet 2019-20