IMG_1502This information applies to entry to Brentwood County High School in September 2019.

Transition from Primary School to Secondary School

In March 2019 parents will be informed by Essex County Council whether their child has gained a place at this school or has been placed on the waiting list. Further places will be offered as and when they become available. Any appeals will be dealt with in line with the procedure set down by the Government.

Information for parents regarding uniform etc. is distributed during the summer term before entry. A representative of the school visits feeder primary schools to talk to students about Brentwood County High School and to answer student’s questions about transfer. Information is collected from class teachers and primary school Headteachers. In June 2019, the children will be invited to visit the school for their ‘Welcome days’. In June 2019 there will be a meeting for all parents to attend regarding the transition from primary to secondary school.

Arrangements for parents of prospective students to visit the school are below:

Open Day

On Saturday, 29th September, 2018 the school will hold its Open Day from 10.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. and children who wish to come to the school in September 2019 and their parents are invited. This is an opportunity to see many of the subjects and activities undertaken by our students. The Headteacher will be giving short talks at regular intervals and guided tours will be available.

Seeing the school ‘at work’

Parents of prospective students are invited to contact the school if they would like to be shown round to see the school ‘at work’. Specific dates are set aside for these visits and parents are asked to telephone the school (01277 238900) after Open Day if they wish to book in on one of these tours. More information on the Open Day and visits page.

Admission arrangements for students in other years

Parents of students aged 12 to 16 who would like to transfer to Brentwood County High School are requested to contact the Admissions Officer to ascertain if there are any places available and to discuss individual circumstances. 

Mid-year secondary school application form

Trust Admissions Policy 2019-2020