Film Studies

Contact for further information: Mrs Lauren Forde

Why study Film Studies in the Sixth Form?

This course will appeal to you if you:

Enjoy using digital technologies, analysing a wide variety of films and who would have an interest in studying these materials and their place in society.

Want to learn how to create your own texts using digital technologies

Enjoy essay writing, expressing your opinions and justifying their comments in the context of their reading/listening/viewing.

An independent learner and want to aim to work hard to see progress.

Key topics are:-

Exploring the US and UK Film Industry

Experimental film (1960-2000)

Documentary film

British film since 1995

American Film since 2005 (two film study)

Film movements – Silent cinema

Global film

Hollywood 1930 -1990

Where can Film Studies take me in the future?

The study of this A-level will provide you with further experience of a range of transferable skills: essay writing, analysis and independent research. You will also develop practical skills in media production.  These skills are in demand from both university course tutors and employers. 

Potential careers

What do the students say?

“I have been able to pursue a career in Film Production because of the opportunities at BCHS!”

"I was able to work on my communication with others and use professional software to create original and unique products"

"The Media Studies Masterclasses are really helping me develop my textual analysis component and I have been able to constantly improve my grade"

"Having the chance to meet world famous directors and get work experience at OK! Magazine has shown me real life experiences in the Media industry"

Where can I find more information?

You have the chance to use the new Brentwood County High School Media Studies blog for extension tasks and examination advice