Middle School

Welcome to Middle School at Brentwood County High School.

Students progress into Middle School for years 9 and 10. There are fifteen tutor groups, three from each House, each tutor group has a form tutor who is supported by an associate tutor. These staff will guide and mentor students through the first two critical years of GCSE, to maximise their performance and help each student to reach their highest potential.

Our aim for year 9 is to manage the transition from Key stage 3 to Key stage 4, supporting the students as they start the challenge of GCSE, this will meld into Year 10 where students continue to develop the academic and emotional maturity to manage themselves and their learning more independently, developing the study skills to maximise their performance.

It is essential that as they mature students understand that they need a range of skills and characteristics to help them to be successful in society. To this end we will also be working towards the Employability for Life Charter to give them an insight into the wider world of work and commitment.

By the end of Year 10 students will be prepared for the short school year of Year 11 and the upcoming GCSE examinations.

The Middle School team is led by Lorraine Hatton, the Director of Learning, who oversees all matters concerning Middle School.

Additionally Middle School has an expert leadership team of teaching, support and administrative staff to provide the school with all the support required as they go continue their journey at Brentwood County High School.

Laura Cullum and Di Freeman are the success year leaders for years 9 & 10 respectively. Their role entails all success, pastoral and behavioural issues in Middle School.

Each Year group is also supported by academic year leaders, these are teaching staff who oversee the academic progress of students.

 Phil White is the academic Year leader for Year 9

 Paul Callow is the academic year leader for year 10

The entire team is supported by the Middle School Administrator, Sabeen Hansraj

The team is here to help and to support the students. If you have queries or any concerns or wish to keep us updated please contact the relevant person by using the links below. We look forward to hearing from you.