Senior Staff Surgeries

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Senior Staff Surgeries – Autumn Term HT2

Dear Parents and Carers,


We are delighted to provide you with the dates of senior staff surgeries taking place shortly as advertised in the High Lines. 


The surgeries will commence at 2pm and finish at 6pm. If you wish to discuss any details that are relevant to your child or anything else about Brentwood County High School. We would be delighted to hear from you.  You can make an appointment in one of ways below:


  1. Telephone the school and book an appointment through Amanda Neall Ext 421
  2. Send an email to (





Will Mitchell

Director of Learning, Lower School

Mon 6th November 2017

Andy Rayner

Year 13 Achievement Leader

Mon 13th November 2017

Dawn Brassett

Director of Learning, Expression

Tues 14th November 2017

Elaine Cory

Director of Learning, SENCO

Tues 14th November 2017

Hannah Monk

Year 7 Achievement Leader

Wed 15th November 2017

Constance Hayes

Year 12 Achievement Leader

Mon 20th November 2017

Lorraine Hatton

Director of Learning, Middle School

Mon 20th November 2017

Chris Williams

Director of Learning, Literacy

Tues 21st November 2017

Parvis Rahman

Assistant Headteacher Pedagogy & CPD

Tues 21st November 2017

Claudia Campbell

Assistant Head Teacher, Pastoral

Wed 22nd November 2017

Rebecca Day

Year 8 Achievement Leader

Wed 22nd November 2017

John Kingdom

Director of Learning, Society

Thurs 23rd November 2017

Paul Callow

Year 10 Achievement Leader

Mon 27th November 2017

Will Hegarty

Director of Learning, Science

Thurs 30th November 2017

Sabrina Walker

Director of Learning, Upper School

Mon 4th December 2017

Jenine Allen

Director of Learning, Success

Tues 5th December 2017

Phil White

Year 9 Achievement Leader

Wed 6th December 2017

Sam Payne

Director of Learning, Numeracy

Wed 13th December 2017

Kieran Walker

Year 11 Achievement Leader

Tues 19th December 2017



All appointments will initially be 15 minutes, with follow up appointments made where necessary; all times will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. It would be very helpful if the overall focus of the meeting could be known in advance in order that we might be able to have some answers to any particular questions.


Yours faithfully


Student Services Team

Please complete and return to Amanda Neall, Student Services Team


Senior Staff Surgeries - Summer Term HT1


Please make me an appointment to see__________________    , on                                                             . Please specify a time and we will do our best to endeavour your appointment is made at the required time.


Points to be discussed:



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