Student Parliament


IMG_1505The Student Parliament is made of 110 representatives of the student body. This are two students from each form group. The council is led by the Head Boy and Head Girl who chair the meetings. Assistant Headteacher Richard Davies, and Assistant Head of House Jonny Whybrow are the teachers responsible for supporting and managing the work of the Student Parliament. Meetings are held once a month and the 110 representatives are able to raise topics that either they as individuals or their tutor groups wish to have discussed.

The Student Parliament are able to call members of the Senior Leadership Team to their meetings if they wish in order to discuss specific aspects of school life. The senior leaders in our school welcome and encourage this scrutiny of their work in order to ensure maximum engagement with the views and voice of our students.

The Student Council has an annual budget of £10000 which they are able to spend as they see fit on projects which meet their collective agreement. Each month the Student Council awards grants totalling £1000 which has successfully bid for the funds through a presentation to the Student Council. Teachers can bid at any point for these funds but have to make their presentation suitably convincing to gain the funds that the students have at their disposal.

In addition to the main council, the Student Council also has a number of other groups linked to it. These include the Catering Management Committee which is made of students, teachers and our catering managers. This group works to strategically oversee the food service at BCHS.