Behaviour and Success


Our Behaviour and Success Area of Learning involves all the work that we do to enable our young people to succeed through additional interventions.

The aim of the Success Area of Learning is to ensure that all our young people are supported to achieve success by removing the barriers to learning that stop them from reaching their potential. They work in conjunction with subject teachers and the house pastoral teams to identify where problems exist and put in place plans to overcome these.

  • Attendance Management

The Attendance Management team collect and monitor the data on student attendance, as well as working with parents and carers to help students achieve the highest possible attendance rates.

  • Lunchtime supervision

The Success team manage the team of Midday Assistants who help to supervise students during lunchtimes at BCHS. There are six midday assistants who collect students for lunchtime detentions, organise the queues for the dining rooms and supervise areas of the school from 2.00pm onwards.

  • Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing team provide medical care and support to students throughout the day. They also organise health education programs and vaccinations.

  • Success Interventions

The Success Interventions team support students with behaviour and emotional resilience. They run the RAIZ, provide direct interventions in lessons to support teachers, as well as organising all of the programs which we provide for students involving counselling, peer relationships, alternative education and family support.

Behaviour and Success policy