Areas of Learning


IMG_1188At Brentwood County High School the delivery of curriculum for our students is divided into three key stages between Year 7 and Year 13.

Key Stage 3 covers Year 7 and Year 8.

Key Stage 4 covers Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11.

Key Stage 5 covers Year 12 and Year 13.

In the light of the recent significant changes announced by the Department for Education to all the key stages covered at BCHS we are reviewing our curriculum offer. This is an ongoing process which will not be completed until September 2017 which will mark the point at which it is expected that all new curricula will be in place for Key Stage 3 to 5.

Our aims remain as they have always been; to deliver the widest possible curriculum to our young people in order that they each have the chance to pursue courses that are suited to their own abilities and aspirations. This means that whilst we will ensure that the outcomes that our cohorts of students achieve mean that as a school we achieve the highest possible statistical outcomes in the Department for Education's league tables, we also make sure that each of our young people is treated as an individual whose hopes and dreams are supported through a curriculum model that allows them to achieve their potential. Where there is a conflict between league table position and the needs of an individual young person, we will always choose the needs of an individual young person.

Responsibility for developing and managing the overall school curriculum in all key stages rests with our Assistant Headteacher, Richard Davies, overseen by Executive Headteacher Mrs. A. Hughes.. Mr Davies can be contacted via the email link below if you have any questions about the overall direction or delivery of the school's curriculunm from Year 7 to Year 13.

If you have specific questions about curriculum delivery in various parts of the school you should direct your questions to the relevant directors of learning:


  • Art, Child Development, Drama, Food, Graphics, Music, PE, Resistant Materials and Textiles: Director of Learning Expression - Dawn Brassett
  • English, French, Media Studies and Spanish: Director of Learning Literacy - Chris Williams
  • Business, Computing, Economics, ICT and Maths: Director of Learning Numeracy - Sam Payne
  • Psychology and Science: Director of Learning Science - Will Hegarty
  • Ethics and Philosophy, Extended Project, Geography, Global Perspectives, History, Law, Politics, Sociology and Year 7 Creative: Director of Learning Society - John Kingdom