Vertical Tutoring


IMG_1638All students in year 7 to year 11 at BCHS are in one of forty-five vertical tutor groups.

There are forty form groups made up of students from Year 7-11, eight in each house. There are also a further ten sixth form tutor groups with students from both Year 12 and Year 13 in them.

The advantages of a vertical tutor group system are that it integrates students across year groups, providing opportunities for older students to provide mentoring and support to younger students. It also acts to break down barriers between year groups. Form tutors will sit students in seating plans of the tutor's choosing so as to spread the students from each year group around the room and create working groups for the various activities carried out in form time.

All students complete a mentoring booklet specific to their year in each half-term. The booklet has activities for each two week rotation of the timetable related to the "Thought for the week", assemblies, reading, current affairs and mentoring. In addition there are sections to complete when it is time for each year group to receive reports or take part in exams.

Sixth form tutor group are able to focus on the specific needs of our oldest students in their sessions. In addition sixth form students spend two form periods per week providing mentoring support to younger students.