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Why Study A-Level Maths?

A-level Maths is one of the most interesting, exciting and well respected A-level courses. Undertaking A-level Maths is a huge challenge requiring lots of hard work but it is incredibly rewarding. It will develop your problem solving and analysis skills and is highly regarded by all universities and places of work. A-level Maths can open doors into practically any career paths with finance, engineering, architecture, medicine and further mathematical study among only a few of the excellent opportunities available. Whilst studying A-level Maths you will be able to work on some of the problems that the greatest minds of the last few centuries have pondered over. From Issac Newton’s laws of motion to Karl Friedrich Gauss’ solution to the sum of an arithmetic series. You will be in awe of the elegance, beauty and power of the subject.

What does A-level maths consist of?

In year 12 you will study three separate units and then a further three in year 13 to make up the full A-level. For Maths in year 12 you will study core 1 & 2 which focus on pure mathematics dealing with algebra, geometry and trigonometry among other topics. You will also study statistics 1 building upon the work you started at GCSE. In year 13 you will study core 3 & 4 and mechanics 1, an applied module looking at forces and the motion of a particle.

For further Maths in year 12 you will study further pure 1 building upon the work of core 1 and 2 and delving into the world of imaginary numbers. You will also study decision 1 and 2 which look at using algorithms to solve real world problems such as the way a sat nav decides the shortest route from one place to another. In year 13 you will extend the work you did in year 12 by studying further pure 2 and 3 and take a second mechanics module.

What do you need to study A-level maths?

To study A-level we strongly recommend that you achieve at least a grade B at GCSE. To study further Maths we strongly recommend that you achieve a grade A. To be successful in the study of Maths at a-level you will need an enthusiasm for the subject, a determination to succeed and the willingness to work hard.