IMG_1665Everyone at Brentwood County High School is organised into one of our five houses: Athenians, Corinthians, Romans, Spartans and Trojans. Students take part in the regular house events to earn points for the House Cup. All students have a chance to shine in events including quizzes, swimming galas, cake decorating, music and drama performances and, of course, Sports Day.

Heads of house have overall responisbiliy for all aspects of the school lives of each students in their house. This includes all pastoral and academic matters. They lead a team of two assistant heads of house, eleven form turors and eleven associate form tutors.

Each house has an office where the head of house and assistant heads of house are based

The house leaders are also responsible for a range of whole school matters such as prefects, house competitions, end of term assemblies, form time activities and weekly assemblies.

Head of Athenians Will Mitchell
Year 8 and 9 Assistant Head of Athenians Rebecca Day
Sixth Form Assistant Head of Athenians Connie Hayes
Head of Corinthians Sabrina Mootoosamy
Year 8 and 9 Assistant Head of Corinthians Johnny Whybrow
Sixth Form Assistant Head of Corinthians Rebecca Marriott
Head of Romans Paul Callow
Year 8 and 9 Assistant Head of Romans Hayley Hawes
Sixth Form Assistant Head of Romans Natalie Wren
Head of Spartans Lorraine Hatton
Year 8 and 9 Assistant Head of Spartans Kay Clifton
Sixth Form Assistant Head of Spartans Phil White
Head of Trojans Alex Gunn
Year 8 and 9 Assistant Head of Trojans Hannah Monk
Sixth Form Assistant Head of Trojans Lauren Mayhew