Further Maths

Contact for further information: Mrs Laura Payne

Why study further maths at the sixth form?

Further maths is one of the most well respected A levels available.  It builds upon the work started in the mathematics A level and delves even deeper into the subject.  As well as building on the pure, mechanics and statistics modules you will also study decision maths which covers algorithms to solve many real life problems.  It is a sought after qualification and highly regarded by top universities and employers.  You will first cover the entire A-level in year 1 and then the entire further maths A-level in year 2..

Where can further maths take me?

A level further maths is a much sought after qualification for many courses at top universities.  Further maths can lead onto a degree in mathematics but also is widely regarded by computing, engineering and physics departments.  Mathematics is a huge part of these degrees and an A level in further mathematics will set you apart from the crowd.

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the Edexcel maths course 8MA0