Parental surveys

20.10.201363Gathering the views of parents and carers about our school is an ongoing process.

Members of the BCHS Governing Body use the questions from the Ofsted Parentview survey at each parents' evening to give us a regularly updated snapshot of issues and views of parents.

We also carry out larger surveys of all parents and carers at least once a year using the same questions. In addition to this there is the ongoing Ofsted Parentview Survey that is organised by Ofsted but whose results are publicly available. However the Ofsted survey does not offer the opportunity for parents and carers to give any comments.

All the surveys that have been taken since the start of 2013 are available to view from this webpage. Open ended responses from parents have been edited only when they identify individual students, parents or staff members. The thrust of the points made remain but have been made anonymous for all concerned.

The Ofsted Parentview Survey data can be accessed here:

Ofsted Parentview for Brentwood County High School.

If you have any questions about the information in these surveys please contact the Headteacher, Stephen Drew.