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Primary school partnerships

22.05.2013077At BCHS we are always seeking ways to develop our work with our primary partners. As well as the 20 schools listed on our Admissions Policy, we also work with other local primary schools to provide opportunities for their children.   Subjects requested so far from our partnership schools have ranged from STEM workshops to author visits to art and drama workshops.

The things that we work with primary schools on are wide ranging and reflect both our areas of strength as a school, and those areas where our primary partners are particularly keen to receive support to enable them to improve their educational offer to their children.


Our lead teacher Hannah Monk as well as organising the events above is a teacher of PE and she leads our sports outreach team to help in the development of specialist PE in primary schools.  Hannah has one day a week of her time allocated to working with primary schools, but will also provide support and opportunities on other days if requested, making regular visits to local primary schools to provide coaching and to run clubs.  Our outstanding PE department help with the hosting of a number of sporting tournaments and workshops throughout the year.  Teams from our local primary schools participate in netball, football, swimming and athletics tournaments where they can try new activities and make use of the BCHS facilities..

Hannah also has a team of sixth formers who visit different primary schools one day a week to coach basketball and tag rugby.  In addition there is a West Ham coach that is involved in the sports outreach programme who visits twice a week delivering sessions promoting healthy lifestyles and fitness as well as football.


Our science community team is made up of one of our science teachers, Malini Sidu, and our Community Science Technician, Tina Mitchell. Malini and Tina make visits to primary schools in our dedicated Science van which carries a range of equipment for experiments out to primary schools. In addition we regularly host primary school children in our Community Science Lab. This is one of our science laboratories which is set aside for use with primary children. JJ has hosted both large groups from single schools and groups made up of children from a variety of schools.

Able, Gifted and Talented:

Our Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Adam Smyth, manages both our AG&T provision in school for BCHS students as well as providing opportunities for work with primary children from our partner schools. We have hosted children as part of our AG&T program in English, Science, History, Geography, Sport and Technology during the current school year. Mr Smyth will also be working with students who are coming up to BCHS in Year 7 whilst they are still at their primary schools to help prepare them to be part of our AG&T program at BCHS.

Master classes:

Each term we host a series of Saturday morning Masterclass sessions in Maths, Science, Graphics, PE and Basketball (with the London Leopards) for year 5 or 6 students from local primary schools. Invitations are sent out to primary schools for groups of students to attend.  These sessions are extremely popular with a maximum of 200 attending each time.  The students love the sessions and it is a great way for them to try new activities.


For the first time this year we are offering support to primary partners in French and Spanish. We have a full day of teacher time available each week to local schools to support their development and delivery of languages in their schools in line with the new national curriculum requirements for languages in primary schools.