BCHS Vision Statement


IMG_9958The core purpose of our school is to ensure that we enable every young person to achieve their identified potential, and then more. As a school we aim to be Exceptional which we define as being beyond Outstanding as an Ofsted definition.

Potential is a multi-faceted and often hidden thing, and in recognising this we express our belief in the inherent ability of every young person to do better than they have previously, to do better than they believe, to do better than others believe, and to simply achieve whatever their talents, hidden or otherwise, equips them to do. In order to achieve this we must ensure that we remain reflective, creative and open to change at all times. We also aim to place engagement with our community at the heart of all that we do so as to respond to the needs and aspirations of all our stakeholders.

Our values:

 As a member of the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust (formerly St. Clere’s), we work in partnership with other cooperative schools and are committed to the core Co-opeative values.  Values

Vision in practice:

  • A school that is a happy, safe and vibrant place
  • A school that has an open door to its community for activities, lifelong learning and mutual support
  • Families who are completely engaged with their young person’s education and who are enabled to be so through the openness and support of the school
  • A community who celebrate our school as a beacon in their town and beyond for education in its widest sense
  • A school that delivers a curriculum that meets the needs of students from 11-18 across all ability ranges with sufficient flexibility to accommodate changing needs
  • An Inclusion and SEN team who are able to identify needs and respond to them in a flexible and timely fashion
  • A school site that is modernised, smart and supports teaching, learning and student enjoyment
  • Technology facilities that are state of the art and allow students to access learning both during and beyond the school day, as well as ensuring they are equipped for future needs
  • A staff, both teaching and support, who are totally committed to the needs of our young people and develop systems to ensure success is maximised

Who we aim to be:

We are Brentwood County High School, the school of choice for the families of Brentwood and beyond. We are at the heart of our community, facilitating the improvement of lives for young people who both attend our school and who do not. We are a school who maximises successes and who believes in the limitless potential of all who come into contact with us.

Fundamentally we are a school that says YES!