Alternative Education


At Brentwood County High School we do all we can to ensure our students leave us with a balanced and relevant education which will allow them to succeed in their adult lives. For some of our young people the relevant education for them requires access to courses and facilities which are not available in school. These young people are supported by the school’s Alternative Education Manager to access and achieve in courses which are run outside of school. The Alternative Education Manager proactively works with students, their families, local colleges, outside services and the NEET Prevention Officer for Extended Services to make sure these students can achieve their potential both in school and when educated off site.

By supporting some of our students to pursue an alternative education programme we are delivering a holistic approach to education and are supporting both the personal and educational needs of our young people, helping them to overcome a wide range of barriers and develop themselves into well rounded young people.

We strive to engage young people in a wide range of positive activities and to develop them as young adults, at a pace that is suited to that individual and with subjects and experiences that means they are interested and therefore willing to participate.

Key success areas include improved academic attainment, behaviour, self-confidence and self-esteem.

We work with our alternative education providers to agree key performance indicators to ensure positive outcomes for the students and for the school. We only use Ofsted approved alternative education providers.