The Office for Standards in Education, more commonly known as Ofsted, is the agency of government that inspects the quality of education provided by schools in England.

The Ofsted reports for Brentwood County High School are available on the Ofsted website by following the links below for reports since 2001.

Ofsted inspection: May 2017

Ofsted Inspection: January 2014

Ofsted Inspection: November 2011

Ofsted Inspection: July 2009

Ofsted Inspection: May 2006

Ofsted Inspection: January 2001

Ofsted gather the views of parents and carers about the quality of education provided by their children's schools via the Parentview website. This website has a section for every school in England, and asks 12 questions about the school.

We encourage all parents and carers with students at Brentwood County High School to complete the Ofsted Parentview survey each year to provide information for Ofsted when they visit our school.

Please click on the Parent View icon to go to the page for Brentwood County High School.